Update:  June 2017

We are currently asking property owners in the Ballston Lake Sewer District to complete a survey for showing their preferred location for their sewer connection.   Click on the “Ballston Lake Sewer Project” tab above for more details.  

Welcome to the Ballston Clean Water Committee’s website.  The committee has been working for the last several years with the goal of bringing sewers to the Buell Heights, hamlet of Ballston Lake and areas surrounding Ballston Lake.  We feel this is a crucial activity needed to remedy serious health and environmental issues in the area.

Our goal is to use this site to provide as much timely information to the public as possible:

Ballston Lake project update:   Sewer-Project-Press-Release 4/19/17

Sewer Update – August 10, 2016:  “Grant, loan lift sewer hopes”, Schenectady Gazette, 8/10/16

  • NYS awarded us with a grant for $2,559,563 (25%)
  • NYS awarded us a $7,678,689 Environmental Facilities Corp. revolving loan fund to the project.  (75%)

Sewer Update – July 28, 2016: Ballston Lake SewerUpdate7-28-16

  • Update on our application for reduced interest rate
  • Our project did not make the cut for fiscal 2016
  • Our project will likely make the cut for fiscal 2017
  • We might be able to apply for a grant.

Sewer Update – January 29, 2016

  • Following the November referendum which approved going forward with sewers, the next step was to secure approval for the formation of a sewer district from the New York State Office of the Comptroller (OSC). This application required the compilation of a large set of documentation which was prepared by Delaware Engineering with assistance from the Town Clerk.  This was submitted a week or so after the referendum.
  • As the OSC review progressed there have been a series of questions and requests for additional documentation that our team has responded to.  We were advised by OSC that on Friday Jan 22 the application was forwarded by them to Saratoga County for review.
  • The County has 15 days to review and return to OSC.  At that time, OSC will issue their formal approval.  That should occur around the time for the Ballston Town Board meeting on Feb 9th.  At that meeting the Town plans to pass their final order forming the sewer district and a bonding resolution.
  • Once that happens the application for funding from the State Clean Water Revolving fund will be completed and submitted before the March 1st deadline.
  • We will then have to wait until May for a final determination of our bond status.

  • Results of the Ballston Lake Sewer Referendum – 9:30 PM on October 14, 2015

Annual EDU Cost Calculation

The resolution subject to referendum authorizes the creation of a sewer district in the Towns of Ballston and Clifton Park, known as the Ballston Lake Sewer District, in accordance with a Map, Plan and Report adopted by the Town of Ballston Town Board on July 9, 2015, with properties benefitted by the sewer system generally located around Ballston Lake as well as the Buell Heights neighborhood and the Main Street area of Ballston Lake, at an estimated and maximum cost of $10,203,729.00, which project is to be financed through the issuance of a bond by the Town of Ballston to secure a 30-year leveraged loan from the New York State Clean Water State Revolving Fund, with properties to be assessed costs on a benefit basis, with the estimated yearly cost of the sewer district to the typical property, a single family home, being $907.00, and which sewer district is further subject to the review and approval of the Office of the New York State Comptroller.